In complex times, the sponsorship of STF continues betting on the Montserrating Racing Team and we make our motto:

“The first opponent is always oneself”.

You can buy some of the merchandise items that have with our logos:

  • 1 helmet cover.
  • 1 mini backpack.
  • 1 T-shirt OFICIAL*Team Montserratins “Pilot” (* Limited Series )
  • 1 T-shirt signed by the 4 riders who ran the 24 hours of Team Endurance.

Visit:  https://montserratins-racing-team.webnode.es/tienda-equipacion/


We look at the medium and short term making our goals and adjectives :

Año 2021

  1. Acquire a current and competitive bike “essential” -1.000cc (speed and/or resistance) -600cc (resistance).
  2. Mold and evolve the machine.

Año 2022

Depending on the acquired bike and the evolution we have given it, a wide range of possibilities opens up for us.

  1. CCV Catalan Speed Championship (Catalonia).
  2. CCV+CMV Mediterranean Speed Championship (includes almost the entire national territory).
  3. 24h Endurance circuit de Montmeló.
  4. Championship Phantom Endurance (training for 24h).

CMV - Circuito de Calafat 13/10/2019
CMV - Circuito de Castellolí 29/09/2019
CMV - Circuito de Castellolí 29/09/2019
CMV - Circuito de Castellolí 29/09/2019

We wish everyone and families health to face these difficult times.